Vermicast 4 kg
Vermicast 4 kg

Vermicast 4 kg

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Vermicast (worm castings) is the material deposited by the earthworms after the material passes through the digestive tract of the worm (worm manure). Worms, also known as “vermin” break down organic matter by consuming said matter after consumption they leave behind “castings” that are an excellent soil enhancer and bioactive high quality fertilizer for organic farming. This is a perfect alternative to using chemical fertilizers, and has been proven in field tests.



  • Enriches soil with micro-organisms
  • Improves the plants root growth and structure
  • Low capital investment and relatively simple technologies make vermicomposting practical for any agricultural region
  • Saves money from no or minimal use of inorganic fertilizer
  • The worms do all the processing, naturally.
  • The resulting vermicompost, or worm cast is rich in nutrients.
  • Vermicast is more valuable to farmers, landscapers, and home gardeners than raw manure or traditional compost.
  • Worm castings conserves moisture and improves soil conditions.
  • Natural worm castings are safe to use on your lawn and gardens and will not harm your pets or young ones
  • Minimizes wastes and pollution
  • Will not kill seedlings, especially from burning effect
  • No odor
  • Cannot be overused