Sulfur 80% Made in Spain

Sulfur 80% Made in Spain

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Micronized sulphur of selected particle size by selective aspiration, indicated as fungicidal treatment and acaricide in dusting.

MICRONIZED SULPHUR confers total protection to the plant, preventing diseases such as oidium and generating a hostile environment for mites.
The great fluidity of the product makes it reach all parts of the plant.
It allows you to work better with the dusting or backpack machinery, because it spreads the dust evenly. It does not compact in the hopper; the product flows better, has a higher speed and does not get stuck.


  • Sulphur is an excellent element against oidium, with an inhibiting effect on mites and eriophids.
  • The particle of the micronized AFEPASA have a very broad an inhibiting effect on 40 to 70 μm, favoring improved application and foliar coverage.
  • Great fluidity and stability of the product.
  • Thanks to its particle size, it combines a shock effect with a persistent effect.
  • By blocking different physiological processes of the fungus, it acts as a multisite and does not generate resistances.
  • Less agglomeration and compaction, which can be noticed by being more homogeneousmore homogeneous on the fruit and the plant, obtaining better dosage and also avoiding the formation of aggregates.
  • Because of its formula prevents caking upon storage.