Organic Systematic Pesticide for Date Palm Pests
Organic Systematic Pesticide for Date Palm Pests

Organic Systematic Pesticide for Date Palm Pests

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The organic pesticide “Pronto Wavil” is distinguished by several features that are not present in other pesticides, namely:
Pronto Wave is considered one of the systemic organic pesticides (SYSTEMIC), which is characterized by the spread of the active substance throughout the whole vegetative and root system of the infested trees, and thus the active substance reaches all affected areas visible or invisible, and this achieves full efficiency in eliminating all stages of the palm weevil insect. Red.
The pesticide “Pronto Wave” eliminates all stages of the active and latent insect.
· The particles of the active substance of the pesticide "Pronto Wave" are characterized by their delicate smallness "micron", and this makes them easy to penetrate and reach inside the infected trees and reach insects very quickly.
The pesticide “Pronto Wavil” is distinguished by its long-term effectiveness.
· The pesticide “Pronto and wavil” gives the infected plants a period of protection and immunity to prevent recurrence of infection for a long period of time.
The pesticide “Pronto Wavil” gives complete protection to healthy plants and prevents them from infection.
The pesticide “Pronto Wavil” is not washable.
It can be mixed with fungicides and insecticides of organic origin, but it should not be mixed with alkaline materials.
The pesticide is of an organic nature and does not leave any harmful effects on fruits or leaves and is not harmful to all life forms and the environment.
A safe pesticide with no safety period.

Method and amount of use:
The product is used by spraying and watering
It is used by thick spraying on the entire stem and vegetative whole of the fruiting and ornamental palm trees during the infestation period, or during the growth period, to give full protection throughout the growth period. It is also used at the same time to water the affected trees by mixing the pesticide with water.
The process is repeated after (2-3) weeks, depending on the severity of the injury.
By spraying, a rate of 1 liter of product is used for every 200 liters of water to spray the entire shoot and trunk of each affected tree.
By irrigation, a rate of 1 liter of the product is used for every 200 liters of water, and 5 liters of solution are irrigated for each affected tree.